How can I straighten Chooch resin castings, if they appear warped?
In warm weather, sunlight may work the best. Put on a heated surface, like concrete for about an hour. It will soften the piece enough to bend it with your fingers to straighten.
Place a book on the surface and allow it to cool. It should set up when is cools off.
What kind of paint works for Chooch flexible products?
Water base acrylic paints work the best. Any other paints (like spray cans) will need a substantial time to dry. Our 510, 511, 512 Acrylic Paints were designed for all our products. They adhere well and dry flat , even on a flexible surface. They are designed to be water diluted washes. Take a look at our videos to see some ideas and techniques.
How do I find dimensions of your tunnels, walls, abutments and bridge piers?
You will find all the dimensions for these products under each part number. Just click on the picture and you will see all the dimensions. Let us know if this does not answer your needs or questions. You can reach us here by email, phone or mail.
What are Chooch products made of?
Chooch tunnels, walls, loads, etc. are made of hand-cast rigid polyester resin. They can be cut with a metal cutting blade, such as, a hacksaw or band saw. (see Cutting). They are durable and waterproof. But, if you break a Chooch part, they usually break with a clean edge and can be easily glued. (see Glue) (see Breakage)

Cutting: How do I cut Chooch products?
You can cut Chooch products with a metal cutting blade, such as, hacksaw or band saw. All dust is harmful to breathe. We highly recommend wearing a dust mask in a well ventilated room. You will smell the polyester odor when cutting. See that you clean up the dust, as it can be flammable like sawdust.

Click here to see instructions on some of the walls we make:

How do I glue Chooch resin parts?
You can use any CA Super Glue to bond Chooch resin parts. Make sure the parts you are joining are clean and dry. The glued part will take about 15 seconds to set.

How do I paint Chooch resin parts?
Being all Chooch products are resin material, almost any paint will cover your part. We recommend any water-based acrylic paint, such as Polly Scale.

How do I figure clearances on your tunnel portals?
All Chooch tunnels are made with scale dimensions. Most of us put curves in track right after the train enters the tunnel. Although this is usually not prototype, try to allow about 9 to 12 inches of straight to allow your cars to clear the sides of the tunnel portal. Using a rough file, you can also “notch” the top side corners of the tunnel as the prototype does.
How do I raise the height of the tunnel openings?
If you find your trains do not have enough clearance at the top of the tunnel, we recommend raising the bottom of the tunnel portal. The prototype has the same problem, but they usually dig down and lower the roadbed.
How do I prepare the surface and adhere Chooch Flexible walls?
Our peel and stick adhesive backing is a permanent adhesive. However it's important to prepare the surface you wish to cover with the wall. We like hardboard ( Masonite) the best. It's a smooth surface and works well. If you live in a high-humidity climate, it is best to seal the hardboard with a varnish or clear-coating.

If you prefer plywood instead of hardboard, you should seal the surface so moisture does not deter the bond. When you peel the adhesive backing, do not touch the adhesive surface. The oils from our fingers deter the bond. We use plastic examination gloves when we handle the flex walls.

Once you have applied the wall, press down the whole wall until you feel the whole back surface of the wall is attached. Sometimes, you will feel the top or bottom edge has a tendency to peel away from the hardwood, depending on your climate. We recommend running a bead of CA "Super Glue" on the top seam and use a ZAP "Zip Kicker" spray to immediately set the CA. If the CA flows over the detail of the wall, sop up the excess CA with a Q Tip prior to the Zip Kicker. Once this is done, the wall should be secure. If you feel this does not work for you, please let us know. Some modelers use construction adhesive or water-base contact cement to adhere the whole wall.

Breakage: The Chooch Guarantee. What do I do if my Chooch parts are broken when I open the package?
Just contact us here!
What age are Chooch products made for?
Chooch products are made for adult model railroaders. They are not toys. They are created for the serious modeler over the age of 12.
Stickers: I cannot get the stickers off Chooch products! What do I do?
A number of our earlier products were packaged with stickers that leave the adhesive residue. We have solved this problem with our newer packaging, but if you cannot get the adhesive off our products, try using rubbing alcohol with a Q Tip. The alcohol and “elbow grease” may do the job. But most of all, we want you to be happy and we will replace this item. (see Chooch Guarantee).

Can I use Styrofoam to mount flex walls to my scenery?
We do not recommend using Pink Foam Insulation for mounting our flexible
products. We find that Styrofoam/Pink Foam Insulation holds microscopic
holes that hoard moisture. Our flex walls need an impervious
moisture-free-dry surface to bond the adhesive, which is why Masonite/
hardboard or styrene surfaces work the best.

Some waterbase construction adhesives may work on styrofoam. However you need to clamp the flex walls to the backing. You may want to try some testing, if you have surplus Chooch wall sections. If you notice on the videos on our site, it is also very important to seal the edges with CA Super Glue to lock in the flex walls..