Ordering from Chooch

What is a Shopping Cart?
The Shopping Cart system is a way to order merchandise on-line at a web site. The "cart" remembers the items you have chosen from different sections of the website. This makes your online shopping experience more like shopping in a store.

Is this Secure?
The payment form where you enter your credit card information is on a secure, encrypted server. The rest of the site is not on the secure server however, as there is no reason for it to be. Only the sections where your credit card information is transferred is subjected to this high level of security. When you have completed ordering and an e-mail acknowledgment has been sent, your web browser may give you a warning message saying that you are no longer on a secure server. This is a generic message and it is nothing to worry about.

How to Shop
The Chooch product pages, are set up like a "store". Choose your scale and type of product from the menu at left.. As you browse and enjoy, there is an option for you to “Add to shopping Cart”order one or more items directly from the page. You will be able to change your selections, or even cancel on-line, anytime before the final step where the credit card you enter on the Secure Payment Form is approved. If you completed an order through approval, but did not mean to, please contact Chooch as soon as possible so we can cancel for you.

  • Selecting items
    Use the links to maneuver around the website until you find the item(s) you are looking to purchase. If you see something you want to order, just type in the desired in the "Quantity" field.
  • Choosing scale or size.
    Some products are available in different scales or sizes. These will appear if available under appropriate scale. Eash size will have it's only individual product number. Check your shopping cart for the proper scale of your items before placing your order.
  • Putting selected items into the shopping cart
    Before leaving a particular page on which you have selected any items, put those items in your shopping cart by clicking the "Add to Shopping Cart" button on the page. This will bring you to the Subtotal Page to see what is in your shopping cart so far.
The Order Subtotal Page
  • Changing your quantities
    Once you have chosen your item(s), you are at the subtotal page. You will see all the items you have chosen and the running total charge. If you decide you want a different quantity of an item that is already listed here, you can edit the number by clicking in the field and replacing the current quantity with your desired amount. You must click the "Update" button after doing this to register the change. If you decide you don’t want a particular item click on the “Delete” button for that item.
  • Getting additional items (Continue Shopping)
    If there is more shopping you want to do, click Continue Shopping. That will bring you back to the store pages where you can look around some more.
  • Checkingto see what’s in your shopping cart
    On any page you can click on the Shoipping cart icon to go to the shooping cart to see what’s in the cart.
  • Canceling your order (Empty Shopping Cart) If you decide you do not want to purchase anything, you may click ”Empty Shopping Cart” and this will remove all items from your shopping cart.
  • Placing your order
    When you are ready to check out, click the "Send Order (Secure)" button. On rare occasions you may get an error and cannot order via a secure connection. You can click “Send Order (Normal)” or call your order in to us. Always try the "Send Order (Secure)" first.
  • Customer Information
    Please fill in the Billing Information All fields except FAX must be filled in. When entering credit card information omit all spaces and dashes in the numbers. When the customer information is complete click the “Send Order Now” button.
The Order Total Page
  • Sales Tax
    If your shipping address resides in Washington USA, the state sales tax is calculated for you and added into your total.
  • Shipping
    Shipping is by UPS. The shipping charge is based on the total dollar value of your order. Shipping and handling fees are based on U.S. rates. Please contact us for shipping charges on orders placed outside the United States.

    Order Total
    Shipping & Handling Fee
    up to $75
    $75 to $199.99
    $200 and above
Confirming your Order
  • Click the “Confirm Order” button to place the order with Chooch.
  • Your receipt
    Once your has been received an e-mail will be sent to you as your recept for the order.

    Thanks for shopping with us!